I love food.  Have always loved food, but there are three food questions that I've quickly come to despise as a mother. 

The first is more of a demand than question and always greets me fast asleep in bed:  "make me breakfast!". 

The second:  "when can we eat lunch?".  Seriously, didn't we just finish breakfast?! 

The third:  "what's for dinner?".  I call this one the *dinner dilemma* because....well, it's distressing.

A few years ago, I was fed up with planning menu's and searching for new recipes that actually were worth making.  You try something from a magazine or website and there's honestly a 50/50 shot that it'll be keep-able.  On the other hand, the recipes I get from friends & neighbors almost always find permanence in my files.  These are the tried & true, the beautiful food that has been passed down by mothers, the dishes that have stories & history.    

So I started a recipe exchange group.  Each month women I knew & loved would e-mail me recipes.  I would then compile them into one document that I'd e-mail to the entire group.  It was a fantastic year in which I discovered many kitchen "keepers". 

But, I'm once again ready for fresh meat....or veggies...or pie (ie. something new!).  Hence, this blog. 

Please e-mail me your tried & true, well-loved recipes & hopefully this will be a source we can all turn to when those dreaded three questions rear their ugly heads.

Kitchen tips, cooking tips, snack ideas, etc., are all welcome, too.  All things food, my friends!