Categorizing food is difficult (and everything that follows on this page will prove to you that I’m insane in thinking about details far too minutely). I want to be precise. But I also want to facilitate simple searching.

A few categories gave me angst:

Dinner – Crepes or cake have ever been eaten in the “dinner” slot (you know you’ve done it!). I stuck with the solid, heavier meals for this category, but feel free to cross over into appetizers or pies, my friends! Soup was a dilemma here as well. It is one of my favorite dinners, but I left them out of this category in an effort to simplify searching . So, if you want soup, I hope you’ll think to just click on “soup”.

Lunch – Obviously you can also eat any & everything for lunch as well, but I included lighter meals in this category…things I would want to serve to lunching girlfriends. The stuff Jim would deem “chick food”.

Then I agonized over categorizing by ethnicity, because I’m all about authenticity. Ramen noodles are NOT Japanese food. Mexican corn chowder is NOT Mexican food. I don’t have the same affinity for things Italian so I’m not at all offended to think that Tortellini salad might in fact be Italian food. Though I’m sure those in Rome may heartily disagree.

So this is pretty much a disclaimer. I categorize with a combination of logic & whim.

Please e-mail me with mistakes (I know I am leaving obvious things out by accident!) or suggestions. I will both appreciate your input and reserve the right to completely ignore it (very oh so lovingly, of course).